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Petworking & CO. reduces the hassle and expense of facility management and maintenance while offering a unique area for independent pet industry business professionals and pet owners to gather in one convenient location.


Our designated space offers business owners, or "Concessionaires," the opportunity to rent space to grow creatively and innovate in their line of work.

Leasable mixed-use space, including signage, that enables concessionaires to focus on running their business alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs, as opposed to a fully operational storefront business. 

Property Management

Dependable monthly fee, lower cost of operations, reduced risk, and a chance to earn more income

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Improve business efficiency while we handle your overhead

Facilities Management

Take advantage of our integrated facilities management program where we take care of:

  • Basic Utilities

  • Clean-up stations

  • Security

  • Cleaning & Sanitation 

  • Maintenance

  • Pet Safety Education Program

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Experience the benefits of increased foot-traffic from a variety of events

Event Management

Facility wide events including meet-ups, seminars, workshops, adoption events, parties, flea markets, etc. will drive foot-traffic and promote cross-selling. Event Space can also be rented out for private events. 

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Access to more services for lower overhead cost

Multi-Tier Membership for Additional Benefits

Basic amenities provided with the option of more services for an additional fixed-cost structure including:

  • Advertising

  • Concierge/Curbside Services

  • In-Suite Upgrades

  • Secured Wi-Fi Access

  • Guaranteed event space access

  • Referral Program

  • Highlights on Social Media

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 Benefits for Concessionaires 

  • Align with increasing direct-to-consumer trends in the pet industry

  • Provide a stable and affordable brick-and-mortar presence for pet professionals

  • Provide a differentiated positioning strategy over outside competitors

  • Create prospective customer opportunities via company marketing efforts, events, and foot-traffic

  • Reduce start-up costs and barriers

  • Provide a consistent and controlled look and feel

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 Directory for Pet Owners 

We look forward to offering pet owners a variety of services and products! Potential Concessionaires include:


  • Grooming Services

  • Training & Obedience Experts 

  • Pet Baking Goods

  • Upscale Pet Apparel

  • Custom Pet Furniture 

  • Pet Photography

  • Pet Specialty Care (e.g., Dermatology, Nutritionist, Teeth Cleaning, and Pet Massage Therapy)

  • Home Pet Monitoring Expert

  • Pet Event Space (e.g., Agility Runs, Group Training, Pet Adoptions, and Pet Educational Sessions)

Pet Owners

 Spaces & Events 

Find the perfect space for your business or event needs! Contact us to learn more about availability and pricing.


(250 sq. ft.)

Perfect for:

  • Customized Pet Furniture 

  • Specialty Pet Care (Nutritionist, Teeth Cleaning, Dermatology)

  • Pet Brand Manager

  • At Home Pet Monitoring

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(750 sq. ft.)

Perfect for:

  • Pet Photography

  • Grooming

  • Pet Bakery

  • Behavior Specialist

  • Pet Food Maker/Food Store

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(1,500 sq. ft.)

Perfect for:

  • Dog Trainer/Obedience

  • Day Care

  • Pet Boutique

  • Coffee Shop/Social Space

  • Event Space

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Suites & Event Spaces
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