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Are you interested in leasing a space with Petworking & CO.? Check out the steps below to get started and we'll help you through the rest.

Step 1

Request Information


Are you interested in owning space at Petworking & CO.?

  • Let us connect you with a Petworking & CO. representative. Fill out an Inquiry Form

  • Once your Inquiry Form is submitted, you will be contacted within 3-5 business days

Step 2

Connect with a Petworking & CO. Representative

petwork animals.png

A Petworking & Co. Representative will reach out and schedule a call with you to discuss:

  • All initial questions you may have 

  • Your business offerings and operations

  • Space requirements 

  • Candid conversation about expectations

  • Determine if Petworking & CO. is a good fit for your future goals 

Step 3



Receive application and provide requested information. 

  • Fill out lease application--we will be there to walk you through any questions you have along the way

  • Send in requested application, financials, and business plan

Step 4

Learn More About Petworking & CO.


A knowledgeable Petworking & CO. representative will provide an overview of the company’s history and what makes us stand out.

  • Learn more about what we can offer you through our multi-tier memberships

  • Build awareness of current concessionaire offerings to establish a cross-sell mentality

  • Have a conversation with an existing concessionaire, so you can hear first-hand about their journey to success.

  • Deep dive into business and details

Step 5

Site Visit

petwork location.png

You will be invited to our facility where you will meet with our team and:

  • Review available spaces and make your selection

  • Meet like-minded individuals

  • Review and Sign Lease – we will walk you through the prices to ensure you know exactly what you are agreeing to and what you are getting in return

  • Introduce and Review the next “30/60/90 Day Checklist”

Step 6

Space Awarded


Once your lease is approved, you are now the owner of your space!

  • Start your “30/60/90 Day Checklist”

  • Gain knowledge on recommended professionals 

  • Start space build-out

  • Situational walk-throughs

  • Establish your path to success

  • Complete required pet safety course

Step 7

Launch Your Business!


Congratulations! You now operate a space in Petworking & Co. 

  • Conduct final walk-through and inspection with your Petworking & CO. representative

  • Celebrate with your grand-opening!

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