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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
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Pet Owners
Pet Safety & Regulations

General Information

Q: When will you be open?


A: Coming early 2021 to metro Atlanta. We are currently in the process of site selection.

Q: What will your operating hours be?

A: Our customer service desk will be open 9am-5pm, 7 days a week. As a concessionaire, you have access to the building 24/7 to run your business most efficiently.

Q: Can I schedule a tour?


A: Contact us to set up a time to visit!

Q: What kind of events can I expect?


A: We will have events such as workshops, pet-themed art festivals, creative themes such as “Yappy Hour” or “Shopping Under the Influence” etc. You can also rent out our event space for your own parties or events like celebrating your pet’s birthday! 

General Info


Q: How long is the process?


A: From start-finish the process could take anywhere from 30-90 days. Find out more on our Next Steps page!



Q: How much does it cost?


A:  As  a concessionaire, all of your overhead costs are covered under one convientient monthly fee when renting a space in our facility. 



Q: I’m interested in opening my business here, how do I get started?


A: Visit our Next Steps page or fill out our Inquiry Form here



Q: As a business owner, how would I be supported by Petworking & CO.?


A: We want our concessionaires to feel empowered and be successful, please find a full list of amenities here. 

FAQ - Concessionaires

Pet Owners

Q: Is it weird to visit without a pet?


A: Of course not!  Petworking & CO. will be an experiential destination for every pet lover, pet or no pet. Whether you are enjoying an event, grabbing refreshments at our social space, or visiting one of our concessionaires to experience their premium products or services, our facility will be fun for all.


Q: What can my pet and I do here?


A: We are hoping to attract concessionaires in the following professions but not limited to: Training, Day Care, Pet Photography, Grooming, Pet Store/Boutiques, Specialty Pet Services, Pet Food and other Premium Products/Services. Visit a concessionaire or take advantage of a pet-friendly environment offering refreshments for you and your pet.



Q: Do I need a membership to visit Petworking & CO.?


A: No, everyone is welcome!



Q: Can I bring food or treats for my pet?


A: We do not allow you to bring in outside food or drinks however we will offer pet friendly Fro-Yo and a social space in the facility offering food/drinks.


Q: Can I leave my pet here and come back later?


A: At this time we don’t offer day care services, although we might in the future. If your dog is visiting the spa or any other concessionaire that allows you to drop your dog off in their care, of course that is permitted. 

FAQ - Pet Owners

Pet Safety & Regulations

Q: Do I need to provide proof of up-to-date vaccines for my animal?


A: Feel free to visit and shop our facility at your discretion, but our concessionaires hold the right to make their own policies for their spaces and services.



Q: How do I ensure my dog’s safety in your facility?


A: We have a pet safety course mandated to every concessionaire and staff member of Petworking & CO. to ensure the best for your furry friend during your visit. All pets must also remain on-leash or in carrier and with their owners at all times.



Q: Will you have breed restrictions?


A: No!



Q: Do I need to clean up after my dog?


A: Yes, we will provide pet clean-up stations throughout the inside and outside of our facility as well as industry specific disinfectant on hand at all times.

FAQ - Pet Safety

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